Best Model of European Union Contest is organised at the halls of Royal Academy of Arts at Brussels, capital of Belgium on the evening of Sunday, November 13th, 2015.

Forty contestants from 18 European countries competed to get the very first title of Best Model European Union at the evening that is hosted by Ms. Sibel Tuzun and Mr. Robert Bams.

Ms. Miriam Mawule of Belgium (Congo origin) won the title for girls and the winner of Best Model Turkey Mr. Yilmaz Kunt got the title for boys.

Jury Special Award is given to the Best Model Turkey winner Ms. Yagmur Ay for girls and Mr. Omer Samet got it for boys.

The other member of the Turkish group Ms. Ozge Hosgor got the Best Catwalk title.

While the President of jury was Mr. Erkan Ozerman, Ms. Gungor Bayrak, Mr. Erol Albayrak, Mr. Ataberk Oral were among the15 member jury panel. The evening is finalised with the triumph of Turkish group.

The remark of the night was "Turkey became part of European union by fashion and modelling"